Nanonomics 2.0 explores global examples of social policy to find optimal solutions based on modern economic research and real-world outcomes. The book gives a voice to political progressives attempting to advance optimal social policy in the face of resistance from corporate interests and wealthy elites who seek to reshape the political process for their betterment. No stone is left unturned as the book covers education reform, labor laws, and health systems, among a laundry list of other important social and economic topics.

Bridge of Power Documentary

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Concepts in Health Care Entrepreneurship presents a groundbreaking series of business concepts designed specifically for health care providers wanting to operate a private clinic. This in-depth textbook delivers a unique and powerful education as it moves through the fields of marketing, accounting, finance, and management. The entire anatomy of what creates a successful private clinic is reviewed in tremendous depth with clear examples on how to implement concepts in a real-world setting. Each chapter builds a new layer of understanding allowing the reader to feel incredibly comfortable with the idea of launching or operating a successful clinic by the book's end. The textbook includes a sample business plan, dialogue examples, case studies, and screenshots of important software programs. This full textbook contains an index, glossary, and table of contents. 

Super detailed and specific ideas for running a successful family-owned business. Chapters cover important sales topics, economic concepts, consumer behavior, and pricing strategies. All the lessons wrap together in the final chapter to ensure each customer has the most amazing experience possible and will spread positive word of mouth through the marketplace, making your enterprise a resounding success!