ACCOUNTING METHODS - Clarification of cash vs. accrual accounting methods to better explain the concepts to students.

Facing the challenge of teaching business

TEXTBOOK ANSWERS - Email for answer guides to end-of-chapter questions and the business valuation.

SALES LUNCHEON - The text book's main business project for students to complete.

GUEST LECTURE GUIDE - Overview of credentials to find the right guest experts.

Maybe the thought of teaching all fields of business seems daunting. Take a moment to discover the many resources we make available to facilitate instruction of the material.

Our books are designed to slowly build toward a complex understanding of business. Not all of the chapters need to be covered during school. Some of the later chapters can wait until students graduate and can reflect on practical experience.

  • Have students review our website
  • Place students into study groups
  • Require students conduct a sales luncheon
  • Contact us with any questions

Take note of how the full textbook has been condensed into a summary guide for use in an academic setting.